Tamielle Handkerchiefs Collaboration with Madagascar

As part of tamielle ideology  – we absolutely love to collaborate with other women’s projects from all over the world. I’m so thrilled to begin working with a group of embroiderers from Madagascar. They have amazing embroidery skills which remind me of 18th century embroidered silk work. Simply stunning – handwork as it used to be in old times! For our collaboration I took inspiration from a vintage book I discovered in an old bookshop in Moscow. It’s a book about ancient needlepoint embroidery. Such an international hankies they would be too!! Inspiration from Moscow, production in Madagascar, boxes from Bulgaria and sold from England all over the world!! J. Cannot wait to see them ready in time for the Christmas rush. Here is a preview of the embroidery motifs. The ladies are embroidering them now as we speak.

tamielle bouquet handkerchief tamielle bouquet handkerchief