tamielle old Thread catalogue

When I first launched tamielle 9 years ago – I took a simple A4 page and made a catalogue for the embroidery threads I’m using.

Since then –I have added more and more threads, colours and designs. Tamielle grew and developed and our handkerchiefs are now selling all over the world.

But I still use the same old and wrinkled A4 page as my catalogue.

I love seeing how crinkled it got. It tells the story of endless journeys to Bulgaria and back, the hundreds of hours I used it, took it out, folded it, put more colours… It really represent my tamielle journey of beauty, design , colours and…. Lots and lots and lots of hard work!!!

And it shows on the face of my precious old catalogue. (and a bit on mine too)

tamielle old embroidery threads catalogue (2) tamielle old embroidery threads catalogue (1)